American experience in industrial miningat Bitcoin Conference Kiev!

American experience in industrial miningat Bitcoin Conference Kiev!

Recently Bitcoin mining gained tremendous popularity all over the world: more and more people are getting involved into this topic, more and more miners mine coins.

The arms race of industrial systems for miningamong cloud hashing companies, united corporations and recent capital investments that created modern industrial atmosphere continues. Search for more accessible and dynamic solutions for  production of "Currency of the Future" is only beginning.

New ideas inspire ordinary miners -amateurs and practical application of the currency in the future will allow them to easily join the world of industrial mining.

At Bitcoin Conferenc eKiev you will have an opportunity to get to know about major manufacturers of equipment for mining and how ASIC chips became the commodity of commerce, because Joshua Zipkin, CEO of Advancedminers (USA), will be the headliner of the majorindustry event for cryptocurrency community.

American expert will tell about mining and make a presentation of his equipment for Bitcoin mining. Report by Joshua Zipkin will provide conference attendees with clear understanding of mining equipment industry, its future trends and how they will affect future economy of the digital currency.

Do notmiss the exclusivereport byAmerican expert! Bitcoin Conference Kiev will bring together the best experts in the field of cryptocurrency from around the world. 

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