Anatol Ostrowski: blockchain derivatives are a new asset in cryptocurrency investor’s portfolio

Anatol Ostrowski: blockchain derivatives are a new asset in cryptocurrency investor’s portfolio

Blockchain-based derivatives are a new kind of assets, and thus the one more risk hedging tool in an investor’s portfolio. This is the opinion of Anatol Ostrowski, a managing partner at Nousplatform investment blockchain fund.

He will speak on October 12 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev and tell the audience about asset tokenization and development of decentralized blockchain-based investment funds.


Anatol Ostrowski is a software developer with 12 years of experience in managing IT projects. He is also the CTO and managing partner at Nousplatform. He focuses on systems for asset tokenization.


According to Anatol Ostrowski, blockchain-based derivatives are very popular among both investors and businesses issuing these derivatives. He recognizes that the legal regulation regarding such assets is still absent.

“A blockchain-based derivative is the same cryptocurrency token, but with a smart contract that controls it. It is the unique tool for investors and businesses. Imagine that any company can produce its own future for every good and sell it on the exchange. But, unfortunately, there is no legal base for such a type of assets, thus parties engaged in its manipulation should affirm their relations by a public offer or an agreement,” the speaker says.

He also believes that blockchain-based derivatives will be another asset in an investor’s portfolio, allowing to reduce risk of funds losses.

“Blockchain derivatives are not just a one more speculative tool. It is an asset, which is still absent on the conventional financial market. Professional investors will be able to use it for the diversification of their portfolios,” Anatol Ostrowski thinks.

At Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev, the speaker will reveal how to emit various investment cryptocurrency tools: futures, options etc. He will provide the examples of currently existing derivatives based on the blockchain and explain how the appearance of decentralized funds can change investors’ behavior.


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