Bitcoin Conference goes to Kiev

Bitcoin Conference goes to Kiev

On September 26, 2014 Ukraine will for the first time host Bitcoin Conference Kiev - a meeting place of the best experts of cryptocurrency industry from around the world to share experiences and knowledge about Bitcoin operation and to discuss why this virtual "coin" stands a good chance of becoming a currency №1 in the world.
The event will be supported by Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine- the official fund of crypto currency development and Bitcoin on the territory of Ukraine.

Attend the conference and you will get to know:

What is Bitcoin?
How it works: principles and laws
Business with Bitcoin: increasing your profitability
Security - ways to store Bitcoin
Legal status of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in Ukraine
Presentations of start-ups - best projects to work with Bitcoin

Who is our audience? Everyone who is interested in Bitcoin, and other crypto currencies, including :

Specialists financial area
Investors , private equity funds , venture capital and angel
Banks and financial institutions
Representatives of small and medium businesses
Credit companies
Financial advisors
Representatives of payment systems
Security Solution Providers
Start -ups

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