Bitcoin Conference Kiev about legal aspects of attracting investment in Bitcoin startups

Bitcoin Conference Kiev about legal aspects of attracting investment in Bitcoin startups

Now quite ordinary dollars are being invested in startups that are building their business on Bitcoin. For example, startup Coinbase that exists less than a year managed to attract $5 million from famous fund USV.

At the conference dedicated to this cryptocurrency – Bitcoin Conferenc eKiev, you can get to know about legal aspects of attracting investment in startup building its business model or one of its revenue channels on Bitcoin.

Ustymenko Vyacheslav, CEO of legal consulting company LAWBOOT, will speak at the themed event on "Legal aspects of attracting investments in startup. Tips from business practices".

More about the speaker:

Vyacheslav is a lawyer and business consultant who is well versed in IT business specifics, working at launch of his own startup.

In early 2013 he founded LAWBOOT that successfully strengthens its presence in Ukraine. The main areas of company activity are investment and legal consulting in IT business. There are a lot of outsourcing and product development companies with a staff of 15-250 people, major start-up incubator, and a number of online projects related to 3d Printing, Hosting, PPC and CPA advertising, Internet acquiring, torrents, and of course Bitcoin among clients of LAWBOOT.

LAWBOOT is a partner of Bitcoin Foundation Ukraine

Bitcoin Conference Kiev is a meeting place of the best experts, scholars and practitioners of cryptocurrency community to share experiences and knowledge about Bitcoin operation and reasons why this virtual" coin" stands a good chance to become the world's №1 currency.

Bitcoin Conference Kiev will be held on September 26, 2014 in Champions Hall at NSC "Olympiyskiy" (55 Krasnoarmeiskaya str.).

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