Bitcoin Conference Kiev: let’s talk about Bitcoin security

Bitcoin Conference Kiev: let’s talk about Bitcoin security

As in real life, you should care for security of your Bitcoin wallet. Bitcoin allows you to transfer funds anywhere in a very simple way that allows you fully control your money. Such great opportunities go hand in hand with increased risk. However, Bitcoin if properly used can provide a sufficiently high level of security.

For all owners of digital currency the issue of its safe and secure storage is the most important one. One can get to know about it at Bitcoin Conference Kiev –themed event to be held on 26 September 2014 in Champions Hall at NSC "Olympiyskiy" (55 Krasnoarmeiskaya str.)

Oleg Kudrenko- independent Bitcoin developer involved in new Bitcoin project will deliver a report on "Security of Bitcoin operations. Safe storage of Bitcoin" at the conference oncryptocurrencies.

Abstracts of his speech:

•types of bitcoin-wallets;
•pros and cons of each of them;
•security of different kinds of wallets;
•why Bitcoin is better that cats?

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