BTC hits $900 and blockchain e-money. Bitcoin events of the last week

BTC hits $900 and blockchain e-money. Bitcoin events of the last week

Whether you like it or not, the situation around Privat Bank makes believe that it is the Ukrainians who have withdrawn deposits and jacked the Bitcoin price up to $900.

Well, it's funny. But when thinking of the future emission of hryvnia, many people lean toward the idea of keeping their savings in bitcoins, which are becoming more expensive.

However, besides the exchange rate, there was other news last week.


Exchange and capitalization

On Wednesday, 21 December 2016, the exchange rate gave a jump similarly to the temperature in flu, which hopefully has passed you by. By Friday BTC has broken the $900 USD mark, which gave a reason to recalculate the market capitalization of Bitcoin. Currently, it accounts for more than $14 billion, which is even more than the previous record set in 2013, and again in December.

As of this writing, Bitcoin has slightly lost in value - on Monday morning it cost around $880.


Ukrainian Exchange

Earlier this week, Ukrainian Exchange has launched futures trading on Bitcoin. The Ukrainian platform became the first one in the world, where digital currency derivatives are traded. It is expected that the opportunity will attract new participants – IT specialists to the exchange.


Blockchain-based e-money

Alparibank and Attic Lab joined forces for the development of Blockchain-based system SmartMoney. It would become a basis for the creation of e-money account infrastructure for PROSTIR payment system. Blockchain will reduce banking costs for IT, secure the processes and offer new opportunities for clients (p2p transfers, smart contracts), the developers say. Its launch is scheduled for the first quarter of the next year.


Neighbors: another set of statements

A long-awaited event for the crypto community took place in Moscow: a meeting of the parliamentary working group on cryptocurrency regulation. However, it didn’t come to certain decisions. Once again we’ve heard that “Russia should not be an outsider” (Andrey Lugovoy), but “if you give freedom to cryptocurrency, it will oust legitimate monetary resources” (representative of the Investigative Committee). Result: the Investigative Committee does not reject the idea of a ban, despite the general liberalization of opinions.


Coffee for Bitcoin

Despite the weirdness of the idea of buying coffee for BTC, it is being actively promoted. It's about Bitcoin Direct service, which allows users to carry out instantaneous transactions from iPayYou wallet to Starbucks application. How many people will take the opportunity is yet unknown, but we know that monthly Starbucks app is used by millions of people. So if you go in Europe, try it.

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