Google engineer reveals how to avoid hidden mining

Google engineer reveals how to avoid hidden mining

The amount of attackers who mine bitcoins using common users’ browsers has been recently growing. While developers from major companies are looking for vulnerabilities, Google engineer Ojan Vafai has found a way to block cryptocurrency mining on the Chrome browser.

According to the developer, hidden mining can be detected quite easily: if the CPU load increases and does not reduce during a long period, the browser is used by swindlers. To protect the system, you should activate a battery charge saving mode and forcefully close the application. A tab in the energy saving mode will become inactive and all processes will stop.

However, Vafai asserts that one should measure CPU load figures more accurately in order to detect hidden mining.

“It is necessary to measure the CPU load rate. If you see the 100% load during one minute, your browser is definitely attacked by a criminal,” Vafai says.

Chrome developers have already confirmed the start of work on a corresponding upgrade for their own browser, allowing to detect mining scripts.

By the way, swindlers have recently found a breach in Chrome’s SafeBrowse extension and used it for hidden mining.


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