Investments in ICOs: put up money in several clicks

Investments in ICOs: put up money in several clicks

The popularity of cryptocurrency ICOs as a way of real and virtual money investing is still extremely high, as tokens, in case of success, bring thousands and dozens of thousands of profit ratios. But risks are also serious: there are more than 800 digital currencies in the world, which compete with each other harder and harder.

Look for something special

To bring good results and draw users’ attention, a new project should differ from others. If this concept works and customers take an interest in a novelty, initial coin buyers will obtain dozens of thousands of profit percentage. However, it happens only in 10-20% of cases.

Therefore, it is quite important to spend some time for analyzing the project you are interested in before investing. And taking into account that the most prospective cryptocurrency ICO projects end up within minutes after sales start, one should find them in advance and be ahead of the game before the beginning. Necessary information can be found on specialized Telegram channels, in various communities for investors, and on monitoring resources providing a list of cryptocurrency ICOs according to their popularity rate.

Success stories

Ethereum is frequently mentioned as an example of the successful cryptocurrency ICO campaign. Vitalik Buterin’s project raised $18.4 million. Considering the fact that ethers were sold for $0.30 when the ICO started and later the coin rate reached $400, investors obtained huge profits.

Despite the competition, there are successful projects nowadays as well.

  • Status cryptocurrency: the ICO was performed on the Ethereum platform and led to its failure but raised $100 million.
  • Tezos cryptocurrency: the ICO of the company presenting itself as a new network protocol of safe smart contracts. The project raised $208.6 in first five days.

A detailed guide to the participation in ICOs can be found in specialized video blogs. If you have already selected the project to invest in, you can implement this in several clicks. All operations are conducted on the ICO website. To join the majority of them, you should get an e-wallet for digital currency (for instance, MyEtherWallet). Note: you should transfer money to receive tokens directly from your e-wallet rather than from a cryptocurrency exchange.

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