Lasha Antadze: “One of these days, we will launch blockchain auction for private sector”

Lasha Antadze: “One of these days, we will launch blockchain auction for private sector”

One of these days, one will launch blockchain auction for the private sector. Lasha Antadze, its developer, is known to the community primarily by the e-Auction project tested in a range of Ukrainian regions but facing red tape barriers.

We talked to Lasha regarding Govtech services and asked him about blockchain application on network markets.


Interviewer: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev (BCK)

Speaker: Lasha Antadze (L. A.)


BCK: What’s new in the e-Auction project? We have recently heard nothing about it.

L. A.: The project is fine. But recently, I have decided to step aside from the political aspect of the project and focused on the private sector. Our development team have enough energy, knowledge and faith for several projects. Thus, we have been working on a decentralized auction called for five months. It is designed for the private sector. No one knows about it, because we do not want to make empty announcements but rather to present a completed blockchain project.

BCK: What exactly does prevent you from implementing decentralized auction?

L. A.: We have no problem with this in the private sector. We are gradually growing and adding new assets. We are building our platform so that it will be efficient for small businesses as well and show a revolutionary effect of the auction network market.

As to the government sector, we have been included to the top 20 blockchain projects selected by the Government of Dubai. This emirate is going to shift all public services to the blockchain. I have been there considerable time in June and talked to the representatives of various departments. The reality is that we won’t see a comprehensive implementation of the blockchain in the government sector for a rather long time. But our team is ready to help any government institution (except for some countries) that has decided to launch a blockchain auction.

BCK: If government or local councils slow down the e-auction system, can it be applied in the private sector? Do you have any plans in this regard?

L. A.: Wait for launch in several days and you’ll see.

BCK: Is it possible for Ukraine to launch any blockchain-based project in the Govtech sector?

L. A.: I would rather say what I dislike in the Ukrainian Govtech sector: a give and take approach. The government structure in Ukraine is built is such a way that a lot of people stand against innovative technologies. Some of them refer to substatutory legal acts, while others are afraid of law enforcement authorities or simply reject any changes because of a conservative approach. As the result, the blockchain becomes a some kind of a monster for bureaucrats.

BCK: What is your attitude to the ICO issue? Have you ever dealt with it?

L. A.: I like this crowdfunding tool and simplified investments. The ICO is a positive phenomenon. It will enhance financial awareness of the population in future and teach people rationality. However, despite the fact that ICOs are being improved, many of them will disappear without a trace.

BCK: You have announced a topic dedicated to the blockchain on revolutionary network markets for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference. Could you please explain a core of the issue? Why do network markets require a blockchain technology?

L. A.: Blockchain is a platform for network markets. But despite other platforms, a process of negotiating managerial decisions in the blockchain does not depend on regulatory authorities. Each time, it is formed due to game theory and liquid democracy concepts. A blockchain payment aspect is also groundbreaking, as it uses a national currency and micro-monetary policy. In general, it is quite an interesting sector. It allows businesses to obtain all-in-one: infrastructure, system autonomy, payment methods, network effect and compatibility with various business areas.


Put your questions to Lasha Antadze on October 12 at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference in Kyiv where he will be a speaker.

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