Bitcoin in banking system. Speakers of Bitcoin Conference Kiev speaking

Bitcoin in banking system. Speakers of Bitcoin Conference Kiev speaking

Today the situation with cryptocurrency in many countries is rather ambiguous.

Until now Bitcoin is considered "gray tool" in the world. Some computer stores, software developers, cafes in Silicon Valley accept payments in bitcoins. More recently retailers in Kiev also began to accept payments in bitcoins.

However, banks are very cautious about Bitcoin. That is why Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2015 opened new panel for financial and banking sectors.

What questions will be reviewed by conference speakers?

• Innovations and opportunities for banking systems.

• Use and implementation of Blockchain technology.

• Cryptocurrency for banking world: enemy or ally.

• Exchange operations with cryptocurrency: where, how much and why "in whisper"?

At the moment, the following experts have already joined the team of speakers who will discuss these issues:

Ø  Sergey Skabelin - Project Manager for development of Internet banking for legal entities, Fidobank;

Ø  Alexey Sirakov - coordinator of the Committee on banking infrastructure and payment systems of Association "Independent Association of Ukrainian Banks";

Ø  Yuriy Vlasenko - Member of the Board of the National Depository of Ukraine, Executive Director of UkrSwift.

If you are representative of banking sector – join to listen reports on why working with cryptocurrency is advantageous, and if you are Bitcoin user – for the constructive "bank-client" dialogue. If you are simply interested in how to earn using Bitcoins - we are waiting for you too.

Bitcoin Conference Kiev 2015 – on 24 September 2015!

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