“We are acutely aware what is allowed and what is not”, founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG said about Switzerland legislation

“We are acutely aware what is allowed and what is not”, founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG said about Switzerland legislation

Swiss cryptocurrency legislation is well-suited for doing business and developments.

Fabian Hediger, the founder of Bitcoin Suisse AG, told us about this concept.      

We rapidly interviewed him at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev on 23 September where Fabian was a speaker at the expert section. He told about experience in cryptocurrency legislative regulation in Switzerland and shared his impressions of the conference.


Interviewer: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev (ВВСК)

Speaker: Fabian Hediger (F.H.)

BBCK: Fabian, tell us whether Swiss legislation helps the bitcoin community or, on the contrary, prevent it? 

F.H.: Swiss legislation is quite well-developed: we are acutely aware what is allowed and what is not. These norms are constant; they won’t change tomorrow. We know what procedures are established for coming years and request customers to provide corresponding documents.      

Switzerland has a decentralized legislative system and regulation involves self-regulatory organizations. There are around ten of them, and they constantly compete with each other. You can address these organizations directly to specify required information and receive the answer as soon as possible. Regulation in Switzerland is clear and transparent.

BBCK: What does blockchain technology mean for you: a certain tool or an area of ideas that will change the future? 

F.H.: Blockchain is the most amazing thing I have ever heard. It changes a lot of various industries and sectors: from money transfers to smart contracts. It will significantly influence our future, but it is hard to tell what area it will influence mostly.

BBCK: Share impressions of Kiev conference. Were your expectations justified?

F.H.: The conference is very large-scale in comparison with similar events in Switzerland. It brought together a lot of attendees.

I was at the conference in Switzerland last week and it was attended by 60-70 people, primarily, by banking sector officers. The audience of Kiev conference is quite various. It seems that bitcoin and blockchain industry is much broader here.

The next Smile-Expo event dedicated to cryptocurrencies and blockchain will take place in Moscow on 10 November. The program and registration is on the website: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Russia.

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