Our trade copying service allows traders to earn more: Alexey Pershin, Investy CEO

Our trade copying service allows traders to earn more: Alexey Pershin, Investy CEO

“We aimed to develop a user-friendly and transparent service for all parties,” says Alexey Pershin, CEO at Investy, an investment network of the new generation.

Investy is a platform uniting investors and crypto market traders from all over the world. The company will present its solutions in the exhibition area at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv on September 19. In an interview for the event, Alexey talks about the history of platform establishment, discusses offered services, and shares Investy plans.

Interviewer: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv (BCK).

Exhibitor: Alexey Pershin, CEO at Investy (AP).

BCK: What was the main driver of the establishment of the trading social network?

AP: When we started trading cryptocurrencies and were developing our own trading robots, the results were perfect, and a lot of casual friends began to offer funds in management.

Many people wanted to give money to professionals but they were afraid of being scammed, as there were no regulatory rules by that time.

Back then, we saw the lack of high-quality services within the crypto environment and decided to design a user-friendly and transparent service for all parties. Our goal is to help professional traders to increase their revenue using successful trading and investors not to worry about being cheated by crypto traders.

BCK: What results have you managed to achieve since the establishment of the platform?

AP: Currently, the product is operating and we are constantly developing it. A final version of the product will be introduced in approximately 1.5 months. Now, we are integrated with Bittrex, Binance, and Poloniex. Hereafter, we will expand the amount of available exchanges. The system engages more than 12000 users altogether.

BCK: What are the advantages of crypto trading via API keys over conventional cryptocurrency trading?

AP: Crypto trading via API keys provides more opportunities. API allows to trade on the exchange using third-party tools similar to ours.

In turn, we provide a common trader with additional trading tools which are absent on exchanges. Besides, it is an opportunity to work with the variety of exchange accounts on different platforms in one window and with a single interface. All this allows traders to significantly save their time and earn more.

BCK: What is the operational concept of the trade copying service and how do investors get profit using it?

AP: The deposit of investors who copy traders are always on their own exchange accounts and all profit and loss remain with them. Public traders also store their deposits on the crypto exchange.

Traders publish their exchange accounts on the marketplace where investors can analyze the earning yield and other important statistics data as well as examine positions closed by traders.

Afterwards, investors follow these traders. With exchange accounts being bounded to Investy via API, all traders’ positions are automatically performed on exchange accounts of investors who copy them as a proportion of their deposits.

BCK: What are the advantages of this service?

AP: Firstly, it offers advanced trading features allowing traders to earn more. Secondly, it allows to control all exchange accounts from one place. Besides, there is a transparent and safe possibility to copy trades of successful traders. Traders also increase their profit by attracting subscribers for the success fee.

BCK: Please tell us about your TradeBattle service. How long do battles last? How to participate in them and who become a winner?

AP: TradeBattle is a kind of poker for crypto traders. Traders put a certain entry deposit into a common pool and add their portfolios or exchange accounts to the battle, which starts at a set time.

The battle may last from 1 day to any period of time, usually 2-7 days. Within this period, traders rebalance their portfolios and the results are summed up. Traders showing the greatest profitability take 50%, 25%, and 12.5% of the common pool, corresponding to their places.

BCK: What features are you going to add to the platform? And what changes can we expect in the Investy operation?

AP: We are going to expand trading opportunities and integrate various components. Today, we are evolving new interface design and will show it to users soon.

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