The NBU to launch blockchain based electronic currency

The NBU to launch blockchain based electronic currency

The National Bank of Ukraine has approved a roadmap for Cashless Economy regarding the use of blockchain technology. It was reported by the advisor to the director of the National E-Government Agency of Ukraine, Konstantin Yarmolenko.

The main goal of this large-scale project is the implementation of cashless payment instruments.

A detailed plan has been elaborated to achieve this goal.

Among key aspects:

  • Evolution of e-money as a cashless payment instrument based on blockchain. The NBU is supposed to be the issuer;
  • Implementation of contactless technologies, e-commerce, P2P and QR payments;
  • Collaboration with market players and mobile operators.

The most important thing for blockchain community is the fact that the launch of blockchain based e-money is scheduled for the fourth quarter of the next year.

Besides that, Konstantin Yarmolenko noted that the National Agency is preparing “fantastic news about the pilot project on transferring state registers to blockchain”. He encouraged market players – developers and crypto enthusiasts – to cooperate. 

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