The Security Service of Ukraine searched ForkLog Founder: cryptocurrency and office equipment were confiscated

The Security Service of Ukraine searched ForkLog Founder: cryptocurrency and office equipment were confiscated

The apartment of Anatoly Kaplan, Founder of the cryptocurrency magazine ForkLog, was searched. As the publisher reports, investigators of the Security Service of Ukraine accompanied by two witnesses started their work on Friday, December 15, at 8 a.m., in the Kaplan’s apartment located in Odesa. The investigation was initiated due to the criminal case opened against fraud – the legal representatives suspected the group of Ukraine’s and U.S.’s citizens of the organizational embezzlement of money on credit cards.

The examined suspects turned out to have exchanged bitcoins for hryvnias via ForkLog. The magazine representatives reject this accusation since the website doesn’t offer this function and the service to exchange cryptocurrencies for fiat. What is more, the suspects neither have business with the magazine nor Anatoly Kaplan. So, their cooperation wasn’t proved.

As real evidence, the investigators confiscated several hardware wallets, a personal computer, and other Kaplan’s possessions. He reported that one team representative tried to transfer bitcoins from the confiscated wallet to his own not waiting until the search is over. Only the police could prevent this action. However, on Saturday, December 16, ETH coins were withdrawn from the address owned by Kaplan and transferred them to the third-party address. The ForkLog Founder supposes that the wallet with all his funds is a property of the abovementioned investigators. Besides, Anatoly also reported on the attempt to withdraw 3000 hryvnias from his credit card.

Kaplan assures that this situation brightly depicts the way the state can react to the crypto community boost. That is why the case was publicly announced: not for the personal security of Kaplan or even ForkLog but to provide the overall protection of the Ukrainian crypto community.

“This is a warning to everyone connected to the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies regardless of the public dimension,” claimed Kaplan.

Currently, the ForkLog Founder is working with the team of lawyers in order to get back his savings transferred to the addresses owned by the Security Service of Ukraine – ETH coins and many other altcoins. What is more, the state of bitcoins and the accounts they are placed on remain unknown. Kaplan also pointed out the serious problems while the searching procedure – for instance, the video recording was interrupted.

The search was also conducted in the ForkLog office located in Odesa. All cash, ten iMac computers, and a bottle of rum were confiscated.

A Juscutum partner Artem Afian will be Kaplan’s lawyer. The ForkLog Founder is also sure that this situation is an important signal for the crypto community, and the actions of the legal force prove the cryptocurrency recognition as a valuable asset to be hunted.

“On New Year’s Eve, searches were a commonplace in jewelry stores, nowadays, cryptocurrencies are popular,” noticed he.

The lawyer says that the search is no good for the investigated case, and the legal representatives couldn’t pursue another goal. Besides, the excuse – transfer of cryptocurrencies to fiat via ForkLog – proves either the incompetence of the investigators or serves as a means of purposeful confusing of the court.

Artem Afian counts on the quick reaction of the authorities to the incident so that the confiscated company’s equipment is returned. The most difficult task is Kaplan’s cryptocurrency. According to the lawyer, if the investigating team is put to justice, the entire crypto community of Ukraine will celebrate the milestone momentum.


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