Pavel Martynov: “Interaction of application with blockchain resembles the accomplishment of desires”

Pavel Martynov: “Interaction of application with blockchain resembles the accomplishment of desires”

Imagine that you wrote a wish on a paper, threw it in a wish box, then it came true and your friends received a copy of the paper – that is how blockchain works in applications, roughly speaking. CEO of Steepshot Pavel Martynov talked about it in the interview for Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev. He will speak at the conference, so we discussed what advantages blockchain gives to applications, and about the demand for such projects.

Pavel Martynov is a CEO of Steepshot. The company develops Steem blockchain-based application, which allows users to share photos and receive remuneration in cryptocurrency.


Interview: Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev (BCK)

Speaker: Pavel Martynov (P.M.)


BCK: Hello, Pavel. Will you tell us the difference between the development of apps based on Steem and Golos API and other blockchain platforms?

P.M.: Steem and Golos are an excellent match for the development of socially oriented apps, where people publicly share content, comment, and give likes to posts. Operations that correspond to user actions on social networks are used at the level of the protocol. There are no transaction fees or large distance between blocks. Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) consensus algorithm is used.

BCK: What advantages does blockchain give for app development?

P.M.: The operation of apps gets transparent and available for auditing, transaction history cannot be lost or changed. Developers can monetize their app without the need for advertising. They also have simpler ways to raise funds for the development.

BCK: Are blockchain-based applications in-demand? Can we talk about a surge in popularity for them?

P.M.: Blockchain applications are in-demand in many segments from data storage to financial operations. Constant growth of interest in them has been retained for quite a long time now.

BCK: What types of applications (games, social networks, services, etc.) will gain more benefits from using a blockchain platform?

P.M.: Those that allow several participants with a low level of trust towards each other to conduct operations according to predetermined rules.

BCK: Please, tell us about the most successful projects on Steem or Golos API. Why are they so successful?

P.M.: Such apps as eSteem, chainBB, Steepshot, Mapala are getting more and more popular in the blockchain community and beyond. I believe that they have achieved success thanks to the fact that the teams of the projects are keen on their ideas and work a lot on their realization.

BCK: Could you explain how exactly applications interact with blockchain in simple terms? For humanisticians to understand you.

P.M.: You write a wish on a paper with an inimitable color and throw it in a special wish box. Further, your wish is magically fulfilled and all your friends make a xerocopy of your wish not to forget that it has been accomplished and the world is not the same as before.

BCK: How can a developer choose the most relevant blockchain platform to create apps? What should the choice depend on?

P.M.: The choice of blockchain will depend on answers to a number of questions. How many people will use the app? How often will they use it? How much time can a user wait for the conduction of transaction? Does an application need smart contracts? Are transaction fees reasonable?


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