Meet moderator of Finance & Regulation section: Serhii Kalinin

Meet moderator of Finance & Regulation section: Serhii Kalinin

Serhii Kalinin, a well-known financial expert and a cryptocurrency market analyst, will be a moderator of the second part of the Finance & Regulation section at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kyiv.


The section will allow to discuss the following issues:

  • blockchain integration in the financial sector;
  • the legal due diligence process and cryptocurrency projects;
  • legislative regulation of distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrencies.


Serhii Kalinin is a specialist in crypto asset assessment, ICO project selection, and cryptocurrency investments. He is a managing partner of LegalBlockBit agency. Besides, the speaker is a member of the Ukrainian society of financial analysts (USFA) since 2000.

LegalBlockBit is a consulting agency aimed at blockchain projects. It assists companies in legislative issues, investments in cryptocurrencies, and participation in ICOs.


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