Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev program: section for newcomers

Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Kiev program: section for newcomers


Dear colleagues and conference guests!


We are pleased to inform that Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference program is almost formed, and today we will tell you what the section for newcomers will include.


♦ For whom this section is designed

For programmers, beginning to work with blockchain and cryptocurrencies. 

For representatives of any professions (or students) who are interested in cryptocurrencies, exchanges, mining and blockchain technologies.

♦ Why the section is useful

You will learn about cryptocurrency advantages over traditional money as well as about how one should mine, sell and buy it. You will see how diversified blockchain application is: from small business to government control. You will likely stumble upon an idea of useful blockchain service. Talk with experts how it can be implemented.     

♦ What the program will include

The section will be led by Maxim Krupyshev, the cofounder of Cubits crypto platform. He will tell about the bitcoin concept.     

After his speech, you will be able to move forward and immerse into other topics: how mining is conducted and who benefits from it; what should be taken into account when opening your first wallet etc.    

Crypto expert Oleg Kudrenko will tell how to secure your digital assets, and Kir Kelevra, financial market analyst and bitcoin enthusiast, will tell how to buy and sell them.     

We will separately discuss blockchain as a breakthrough technology. Why are decentralized services so useful? How does blockchain exclude corruption and intermediary in business? Why do the world’s largest banks focus on this technology?      

You definitely have your own questions. Put them to speakers at Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference on September 23

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