Ethereum developers held Byzantium hard fork

Ethereum developers held Byzantium hard fork

The Ethereum developer, Vitalik Buterin reported on the carrying out of a hard fork of the network. The operation was held on Monday, October 16, on the block 4,370,000 at 8:22 Moscow time.

During this operation, a “bomb of complexity” was rescheduled for a year and a half, a reward for the block was reduced to 3 ethers, new elements of zk-SNARK appeared to improve confidentiality, and a general upgrade of the entire system and its productivity was made.

In order for the hard fork to be successful, users have to update their Ethereum client to the latest version. The situation is the same for other wallets as well.

Byzantium also brought changes in the decentralized applications: after the upgrade it will be easier to recognize uncompleted transactions. The command "eth.getTransactionReceipt (...)" in the status field will set the value to 0 or 1, depending on whether the transaction passed or not.

However, the developers reported that after the update there might be bugs. Users can keep in touch with the Ethereum Foundation through the official twitter account and blog.

Byzantium is a part of a large-scale hard fork of the Etherium network called Metropolis. After Byzantium, the developers plan to hold another update – Constantinople – next year.


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