Creators of The 21 Million Mission serial announce ICO

Creators of The 21 Million Mission serial announce ICO

On June 12, creators of The 21 Million Mission launched an ICO with tokens called 21MCoin. It has become the first serial that uses a funding model based on cryptocurrency.

Why does a serial need ICO?

Project owners claim that the old funding system of films and serials has reached its limits. All money go to chief executives – producers, film directors. And it is unprofitable for small business to invest in the film industry. The new cryptocurrency-based funding system stipulates that every token holder can receive some percentage from the revenue of the serial. It seems that even an ordinary connoisseur of films can become an investor by buying 21MCoin.

What kind of serial is it?

Creators say that it is an action serial narrating about cryptocurrencies and blockchain with elements of thriller. It will show the opposition between the government and banks against the backdrop of apocalyptic disaster. The serial will use several platforms. There are plans to use AR technologies and gamification.


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