TOP-10 profit-making cryptocurrencies in 2017

TOP-10 profit-making cryptocurrencies in 2017

Despite the fact that bitcoin reached almost $20.000 in 2017, it was not the most profit-making cryptocurrency and did not enter the top 10 list, Сointelegraph reports.

Ripple was the currency of the year, a network of payments for corporate payments, which showed the fastest growth. The digital coin increased by 36.018% over 2017. Peak growth was in December, when the price reached $2.85.

New altcoins, such as NEM and Ardor, were 2-nd and 3-rd, respectively. The NEM rate increased by 29,842%, and Ardor by 16,809% in 2017.

Stellar was fourth, it started at a cost of $0.0024, and finished the year at $0.39. Thus, the growth was 14.441%.

Last year was remarkable for Dash. The digital coin has grown by 9.265%, hitting the 5th place in the rating.

Ethereum, Golem, Binance Coin, Litecoin and OmiseGo are the last ones in top-ten. Bitcoin is ranking 14th with an increase of 1.318%.


TOP-10 profit-making cryptocurrencies in 2017


Experts have different opinions on the value of cryptocurrency for 2018.

According to journalist Max Kaiser, the total market cap can surpass $5 trillion, and the bitcoin price could hit $100 thousand. Kaiser considers Dash as the best means for payments.

Financial analyst Ronnie Moas believes that BTC will stop at $28 thousand.


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