The right bet: top 2018 cryptocurrencies to invest in

The right bet:  top 2018 cryptocurrencies to invest in

New coins continue to appear on the cryptocurrency market. According to analysts' predictions, 2018 will have 40% more projects than 2017. We will now introduce you to the most promising new cryptocurrencies of 2018.

Top cryptocurrencies of 2018

Features that once brought popularity to Bitcoin – decentralization and anonymity -– will not surprise anyone today. Developers hoping to repeat the success of the digital gold offer coins with unique features.

Binance Coin (BNB)

The cryptocurrency is designed as an addition to the Binance exchange. There is a limited number of BNB coins – the total amount is 200 million. Authors of the project did not provide the conditions for further emission. In addition, some of the coins will be "burned" in the future. If you invest with a long-term perspective, then this is a big plus.

The BNB coin will only be used on the Binance platform. With its help, one will be able to pay various fees, including a commission for withdrawal of funds, payment for services, fees on buying and selling. There is also an opportunity to invest in ICOs presented on the platform. When paying for these services with BNB coins, users get discounts.

The right bet:  top 2018 cryptocurrencies to invest in

During the ICO, this project managed to attract $15 million. Among its investors are such successful venture capitalists as Blackhole Capital and Funcity Capital.

The founder of the Binance project is an expert in the development of trading systems Changpeng Zhao. Before creating this platform, he was the head of the technical department at Bloomberg and


Nous is one of the new cryptocurrencies of 2018. Despite the fact that the project is only planning an ICO, the coin is already of interest to investors, and most analysts consider it one of the top cryptocurrencies of 2018.

Nous Platform is a crowdinvesting platform for partner investments. The platform provides investors with access to world funds. Investors see how projects manage the received capital; all monetary operations are fixed in distributed ledger and can not be changed.

With the help of the Nous coin, you can:

  • acquire assets of funds;
  • pay dividends to investors;
  • pay commissions for any transactions on the platform;
  • pay for extended reports;
  • pay for escrow services;
  • pay for audit services.

Big hopes

In 2018, the release of several already famous digital currencies is expected.

The most anticipated new cryptocurrency of 2018 is the Gram project, owned by Pavel Durov. As of today, the exact date of the coin issue is not yet known, but experts have already calculated that the Telegram project can raise from $3 million to $5 million. At the end of the year, the release of an electronic wallet in support of Gram is planned. It will work with both Durov’s coin and traditional coins.

Around March 8, the creation of a new "female" token Equi was announced. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain. Other technical characteristics are not disclosed. The initiative of creating a women's cryptocurrency belongs to the Scottish Baroness Michelle Mone. During the presale, which started in early March, the project attracted $7 million of investments. Full-scale ICO will begin on March 15, it plans to raise $75 million. In total, 250 million Equi tokens will be issued, of which 35% will be received by the project founders.

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